From the Black Falcon Cruise Ship Terminal to the Water Taxi Pickup location:


Once you process off the ship and through the Cruise Terminal Building you will need to get back onto the water side of the terminal to get aboard the water taxi.


Exit the building and turn left.  Go to the end of the building, past the parking lot and take another left.  There is construction on the lot to the right of the street, walk beside it and take your final right back onto the pier.


You will see a yellow chain, follow it down to the docks on the left hand side of the road.  The first gate you will see is for police boats and there should be some tied up below.  This is the water taxi dock, but the entrance for the public is at the far end of the dock.  Continue walking down the pier with the dock on your left and you will see the second ramp and the entrance to the water taxi area.


See the detailed walking map below for details.

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